General Information

P Plate Piano is a collection of pieces which teachers can use to take a beginner student who has just finished their first tutor to preparing for preliminary.

Elissa Milne, the editor of P Plate Piano, has explicitly set out the skills needed for preliminary and produced a well planned coherent program of pieces designed to explore those skills.

The P Plate Piano books are designed to allow students to creatively explore new skills rather than simply acquire them. Shop P Plate

P Plate Piano users can also access this dedicated website with forums for teacher and parent questions as well an online diary and Hall of Fame where students can record their progress.

Optional non-graded assessments are available at the completion of each book. Students can perform pieces selected for assessment alone or in groups and parent and teacher participation encouraged.* There is no requirement for technical work, sight reading or general knowledge. At the end of the performance an AMEB examiner will provide a certificate acknowledging the student’s achievement issued by the AMEB and an assessment report will be mailed to the teacher.  On completion of the series, students will receive a credit card style P-Plate Piano licence.

* Please note that the way assessments in P Plate Piano are conducted may vary from state to state.

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