Hall of Fame – P Plate Piano YouTube Channel

The Hall of Fame is where we celebrate the achievements of our P Platers. The Hall of Fame is a P Plate Piano channel on Youtube. Hall of Fame videos are a cross section of some of the best P Platers out there who have spent time learning certain pieces in our P Plate Piano books. Each month, please come back to view the latest P Platers’ videos.

How it works

Each month a piece is chosen to feature in the Hall of Fame. Ask Mum or Dad or your piano teacher to help you make a video of yourself playing the featured piece. You can use any video camera – even your mobile phone.

Once you have made your video, sign in or create a YouTube account. Once signed in, please upload your video to your account and tag it with the words “pplatepiano”. You can also have a look at this video, from YouTube, on how to upload a video. These instructions are very easy to follow.

Each month, the team at AMEB will select the best videos to be featured in our Hall of Fame. AMEB will search YouTube for videos tagged “pplatepiano” but if you want to be doubly sure, you can email us to let us know you have uploaded your video. Then we are guaranteed to find it.

To visit the Hall of Fame click here. All of the P Plate Piano videos we can find on YouTube are listed as favourites. We want to encourage all P Plate Pianists but the AMEB does not endorse any particular performance.

The current featured piece is from P Plate Piano Book 1:


Good luck! Be sure to check back to see if you made it into our Hall of Fame!

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