PogoThe P Plate Piano books are a repertoire collection rather than a tutor. They are designed to start after a student has finished their first tutor and can take that student from being an early beginner to preparing for preliminary. Their goal is to explore and be creative with concepts, rather than teach them. The books can be integrated into a student’s lesson along with a method book or tutor, or whatever other materials a teacher would usually use.

P Plate Piano covers a broad range of composers and styles. Most of the music has been written in the last twenty to thirty years and is related to the music that children hear every day on the television, radio or internet.

A student is ready for P Plate Piano Book One when they can play all 5 fingers in fixed position and know crotchets, minims and semibreves.

P Plate Piano Book One starts with each hand playing one note at a time. By the end of the book students can play two notes at the same time using one hand and different hands. Book one explores crotchets, minims and semibreves as well as using different hand positions. Sharps and flats are also introduced.

P Plate Piano Book Two develops independence of the hands. It uses quavers and more interesting rhythms including syncopation and dotted notes. Three note chords are also introduced and the hand is extended outside the five finger position.

P Plate Piano Book Three includes chords in both hands and four part harmony. It introduces student duets, where two equal parts are played by students rather than the teacher playing a more complex accompaniment to create a student performance. Book Three also contains pieces using a swing feel as well as building on and extending the rhythms and time signatures covered in Books One and Two. By the end of Book Three students are learning to tuck their thumbs under their hand and create scale shapes.

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