Assessment for P Plate Piano

Elissa Milne discusses the optional ungraded assessment for P Plate Piano. Assessments are a performance of three of the student’s favourite pieces and are a celebration of their achievement.

Can a student be assessed?

Students using the books can sit an AMEB assessment. The student will receive a certificate of participation on the day and a written report with comments from an AMEB Examiner will be mailed out to the teacher shortly after the assessment.

What does the assessment consist of?

To sit an assessment the student will select and perform three pieces from the Level they are studying. There are no prerequisites, no additional requirements and no Section III tests (i.e. sight reading, aural or general knowledge).

Can a candidate fail the assessment?

The assessment will not be graded and is intended to be a positive first interaction between parents and students and the AMEB examination system. The student will receive a certificate of participation on the day and a written report with comments from the AMEB examiner will be mailed to the teacher soon after the assessment. On completing Level 3 students will receive a Licence indicating they are now ready to begin formal examinations with the AMEB.

Does a student have to begin with Book 1 for the assessment?

No. Students can begin their studies and their assessments with Book 1, 2 or 3.

Does a student need to complete Books 1, 2 and 3 to receive their licence?

No. Students receive the licence once they complete the assessment for Book 3. They can be assessed for Book 3 without being assessed for Books 1 and 2. The licence is given to students who have been assessed for Book 3, regardless of whether they have completed or been assessed for Books 1 and 2.

Does a student need a licence to begin AMEB Preliminary?

No. The licence is a concept that fits in with the name P Plate Piano. We think students will be excited to receive a ‘license’ and it will be an incentive for them to participate in the program but students can begin AMEB Preliminary without having done any P Plate Piano assessments.

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